water-problem-1While poor water supply by NMMC has become a grave issue, more serious reports came in from Navi Mumbai Police Colony at CBD where the families of officials informed that they have been getting acute contaminated water supply for nearly 6 months. There are nearly 800 police personnel families living in Sector 1, CBD Belapur at the police colony. While there are a lot of civic issues that haunt the 2 decades old colony, the worst in the last 6 months has been acute water supply that too contaminated. The water is so dirty that many are falling ill. Ironically the problem is being faced by men who are custodians of law and order and stay fit and healthy is now posing as a challenge for them and their families. At NMMC, the water supply in charge Sanjay Desai has this to say. From CBD, with cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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