Deputy Chief Minister Chaggan Bhujbal launched a book based on life after retirement. This book named ‘Muljeemat se subakdosh ho chuke! ab aienda kya?’ narrates about that how one should fill the emptiness tat comes after retirement. Dheeraj Mishra reports. At the age of sixty, employees of the private and government services have to retire. Working for so many years, there is a void and emptiness that one feels retirement. Marathi writer, Radhakrishna Narvekar has written about this retirement and spoken about how one should spend his/her life after retirement. This book is useful for everyone. Influenced by the popularity of the book, Urdu writer Sayyad Naushad Begam has translated this Marathi work and has named it as ‘Muljeemat se subakdosh ho chuke! ab aienda kya?’ Recently, Deputy Chief Minister, Chagan Bhujbal launched this book and spoke to the media about its importance. Radhakrishna Narvekar and Naushad Begum were also honored on this occasion. Along with MLA Nawab Malik, poet Jameer Kajami other writers and readers were present too. With cameraman Raju Sharma, Dheeraj Mishra for NMTV news.

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