Its’ Good Friday – the day that marks the crucification of Jesus Christ for mankind – we’ll bring to you a special report on that ahead in this bulletin. For now we begin the bulletin with a report from the Chief Minister’s office. Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has rejected the Director General of Police (law and order) S Chakravarty’s directive to the State Intelligence Chief D Sivanandan to discontinue the practice of daily briefing the Chief Minister in lieu of the election code of conduct. Here is an insight. This is DGP S Chakravarthy speaking to the press about why he has ordered to pass on intelligence reports to the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and Home Minister Jayant Patil. The DGP here clearly states that often, the briefings by the police are discussed during political briefings by the Chief Minister and Home Minister and hence he has decided to stop updating both the offices on intelligence reports. This practice is nothing new in the state. For the past several decades, the State Intelligence Chief has been briefing the CM daily about the law-and order situation but it is only now that a DGP has so openly talked on how these briefings could politically benefit the ruling party during elections. Not surprisingly, the Chief Minister’s office is not impressed with the DGP’s new orders. Calling the orders absurd, Chief Minister Ashok Chavan stated that they have decided to challenge it before the Election Commission. Their logic is that law and order was the primary responsibility of the state and a briefing by the intelligence chief was crucial for it. The final call on the cold war between the DGP Chakravorthy and Chief Minister Ashok Chavan now rests with the Office of the Election Commission. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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