ministersChief minister Ashok Chavan has another problem on his hands, one that refuses to go away. Ever since he took over the reins of the state in December last year, Chavan has learned a bitter truth: his ministers are simply unable to disconnect. Jammers will now be installed to curb this problem. A section of Chief Minister Ashok Chavan’s cabinet ministers cannot keep their hands off their cell phones. They are either constantly talking or sending out SMSes without taking note or even listening to their colleagues during crucial cabinet meetings, said an official. Initially, the soft-spoken Chavan informally asked his colleagues to restrict their use of cell phones. But few paid heed. Now, the chief minister has asked state chief secretary Johny Joseph to immediately install high power jammers in the cabinet hall. This way, once the ministers enter the hall, there will be no network. Chavan allegedly witnessed this lack of cell phone etiquette even post 26/11, said the official. Now, the chief minister can look forward to quieter cabinet meetings. Besides briefing the ministers on telephone etiquette and imposing strict restrictions on the use of cell phones during the cabinet meeting, Chief minister Ashok Chavan is also worried about stories being leaked to the media. It is reported that now he has instructed his cabinet colleagues to keep away from the press. Chavan has asked the ministers to watch what they say and keep in mind that the governments image cannot afford to withstand further damage.

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