ashok-chavan-1Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has decided to use the stick approach against complacent bureaucrats, who to a great extent are responsible for delaying implementation of policies framed by politicians. Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has already taken the first step forward and said bureaucrats, who are monitoring and executing policies, should adopt the aam aadmi as their role model. After a 48-hour brain storming session, which was held to bring more discipline and accountability in the system, Chavan said he would strictly project deadlines hence forth. A task force led by chief secretary JP Dange has been entrusted the job of setting project wise deadlines for every department. All bureaucrats have been told to work out a comprehensive timetable on how they wish to implement their vision documents. And, if targets are not met then the respective cabinet ministers will have to do the answering. The chief minister, it is widely believed, has resorted to these measures in the backdrop of growing criticism about the state’s falling standards in key areas. He is worried about the state’s failure to utilize the entire budget provided by the Centre on popular schemes, which have far reaching benefits for the needy. Congress and NCP cabinet ministers are candid in admitting that it is not only bureaucrats, but also politicians who are responsible. This new decision of Chief Minister Ashok Chavan asking bureaucrats to speed up issues related to the public might even compel NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata to think of the common man and pursue implementation of the 10% reservation for the poor at Hiranandani Fortis. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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