cmLooks like Chief Minister Ashok Chavan made a blunder statement by stating that the state will give Navi Mumbai FSI if the voters of Navi Mumbai give him a Congress Mayor. Does that mean if Navi Mumbai voters do not see elective merit in Congress candidates and do not elect them, the Chief Minister will not give the poor living in dilapidated CIDCO homes FSI? This is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan saying that voters “if Navi Mumbai give him a Congress Mayor, then he will give Navi Mumbai FSI. The FSI in question here is to dilapidated CIDCO JN Type apartments in Navi Mumbai. These homes were bought from CIDCO by families belonging to the Lower Income Group. Despite being a government organization CIDCO has built homes of inferior quality and it is due to the sub-standard work of CIDCO that within 30 years the JN Type apartments have become unsafe for human occupancy. And despite the folly of the state, the JN Type apartment owners are literally begging for FSI. Instead of doing justice to these, the FSI has become a credit game between Congress and NCP. It is established fact that the Congress does not want to give the credit of FSI to the ruling NCP and this is the single reason why the state is holding a concrete decision on it. And these aren’t just speculations. Take a look at how the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan himself points out the same credit game by saying that they’d do the work and someone else will issue the bill for it. The Chief Minister’s statement has not gone down well with residents living in dilapidated CIDCO homes. Because now they know that the state is not granting them FSI only because the ruling NCP would get credit for it. This is the same Chief Minister whose government has granted 3 to 6 FSI to five star hotels and private educational institutes in the city but when it comes to the poor living in life threatening conditions in JN Type apartments in Navi Mumbai – the government has not been able do justice to them yet. A live example of this is Hotel Tunga in Navi Mumbai that has consumed 3 FSI and has a High Court order against its illegal extensions. Perhaps it’s because the owner of the hotel Sudhakar Hegde’s influence on Chief Ministers is known while evidently the poor living in JN Type have no resources to influence the Chief Minister. And to top this, the Chief Minister sort of blackmailed voters by asking them to give him a Congress Mayor and then they’d get the FSI. Perhaps even the Chief Minister realized that he made a blunder by saying something that sounds like blackmail. That’s why he backtracked from his statement when the media questioned him and said that wherever necessary FSI will be granted. Chief Minister Ashok Chavan came to Navi Mumbai to boost up the chances of Congress candidates but his controversial and sort of blackmail statement may further hamper the chance of the Congress party in NMMC Elections. With Monika Bhosale, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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