junk-food1The generation today loves to binge on junk food like wafers and roadside items like vada paos and samaso paos. And while this trend is moving fastidiously on the younger generation, it a cause of concern and worry for the their parents. While children need today a well-balanced diet full of nutrients and minerals, the younger generation is slowly moving on to junk food and roadside fast food. No doubt they taste very good, but the after effects are more than worse. The effect of junk foods is two fold – you’re consuming something “negative” that’s high in saturated and trans-fat, sodium, cholesterol, processed sugars and empty calories while replacing something that would have provided nutrients that could have benefited you. Junk food has taken over natural nutrients like fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. A concern that is felt amongst almost all parents. With junk food, you increase your risk for cancer, along with missing the opportunity to help your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and the like, further increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke. While junk food may still remain a part of the our generation and future generations to come, we need a firm determination to remove the bad food habit we have so that we can lead a healthy and happy life. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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