chinchpokli-2The Arthur Bridge at Chinchpokli railway station has become a cause of concern for the commuters of the area. The bridge is in such a dilapidated state that it has become worrisome for the commuters especially during monsoons. The Arthur bridge at Chinchpokli railway station sees hordes of commuters frequenting it daily. During peak hours, the narrow bridge becomes all the more constrained. The area has a school, Arthur jail and several commercial offices because of which the bridge remains crowded almost every hour of the day. However, while many people are frequenting this bridge, the condition of the bridge is pathetic. Being an old bridge, the Arthur bridge has not seen a lot of repair work in the past making the bridge all the more old and dilapidated. Commuters frequenting this bridge shared their experience with NMTV. Another bridge that has met the same fate is the Elphinston bridge. The bridge also has a hospital in the vicinity along with many offices. Patients and their relatives are inconvenienced too. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Vasudha Dhumak for NMTV news.

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