tol-naka-1In order to check the corruption at toll nakas across the country, a Central Government Committee headed by Nandan Nilekani is working on a project that will enable transporters to pay toll tax online, thereby cutting out the role of contractors collecting toll at toll nakas. But will these contractors who are dummies of a powerful political lobby permit execution of this project, is a millionaire dollar question. Soon, trucks and tempos fitted with computer chips will zoom past toll nakas. A central government committee, headed by Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, is examining the feasibility of transporters paying toll tax online each time a truck passes through a toll post. A computer installed at the toll post will read the chip-fitted on the truck / tempo-and the toll will be automatically calculated and deducted from the transporter’s bank account within seconds. It will eliminate corruption at the toll post and also save time. Nilekani’s committee is expected to submit a report to the government in the next few days, following which the Transport Ministry would decide on the implementation of the project at an all-India level. Transport Unions across the country opine that the government stands to benefit from implementing the chip technology as it will bring in more revenue to the Central exchequer’. They say that several toll posts are being operated by unscrupulous persons, who overcharged truck/tempo drivers and give them receipts for lesser amounts. However, it is a known fact that contractors collecting tolls from toll naka across are dummies of a powerful political lobby. That is why there are doubts about the execution of the project being drafted by the committee headed by Nandan Nilekani. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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