avinash-lad-2The brainchild of corporator Avinash Lad, the Mini seashore Chowpatty festival began with a colorful extravaganza in Vashi. Chowpatty festival 2009 is being conducted for three consecutive years by environment conservation association and this year too, the festival was conducted under the leadership of corporator Avinash Lad at Mini seashore. Chowpatty festival 2009 was inaugurated at the hands of Maharashtra Youth Congress president and MLA Rajeev Satav. The ceremony was also attended by Panvel constituency MLA Prashant Thakur, President of Maharashtra Petro chemical Chandu Rane, Corporator Dashrath Bhagat, Santosh Shetty and others. During the ceremony, the leaders offered their wishes to the Christian community on Christmas by cutting a cake. Rajeev Satav, who inaugurated the festival was felicitated by Avinash Lad and his wife Pranali Lad. Informing about Chowpatty festival, Avinash Lad stated that the idea had been conceived by him and festival is designed on the grounds of Kala Ghoda festival. This festival provides a platform for the young children from schools and other children residing in nearby areas to exhibit their talents. The festival also encourages people to come forward for social work. During the inauguration ceremony, programmes like felicitation of meritorious students, distributing cards to senior citizens, distribution of sewing machines and grinding machines for needy women and widows were also held. The main attraction of the ceremony was that corporator Avinash Lad adopted children from the tribal community and has promised to take care of their education amd development. He also explained why he chose the name of the festival as Chowpatty festival. He said that idea was to spread awareness among people about environment and that mini seashore would be known to everyone. Even the dignitaries appreciated this idea of Avinash Lad that would spread awareness about environment and at the same time promote social work. Looking at the mammoth presence of citizens one could understand how Avinash Lad and his wife Pranali Lad won the hearts of people by giving more priority to social service than politics. Panvel MLA Prashant Thakur too appreciated this idea of creating awareness through such programmes. Children got an opportulnity to exhibit their talents and various performances were given by them. The festival also had a funfair where children and elders could go and enjoy various rides. Everyone appreciated Avinash Lad for organizing the festival thus promoting social work and entertainment to the citizens.

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