sec-50-problemsThey are living without water and power electricity, courtesy vested interests in CIDCO and builders community. What is more appalling is that the punishment that customers and investors of nearly 200 buildings across the city are facing due to the high court’s stay on them has not affected the officials and builders responsible. While they seem to have gone scot-free, several families are facing the brunt of their alleged corrupt deals. For these buyers, purchasing a dream home in dream destination Navi Mumbai turned into a nightmare when they became victims of CIDCO’s alleged unjust and corrupt activities. These buyers booked flats in constructions coming up in Sector 50A and 50B of Nerul at prices that meant investing all their hard earned savings. But little did they know that very soon they would have to live any buyer’s nightmare of loosing all that. It all began several years ago when CIDCO destroyed mangroves and allotted plots to builders, in alleged connivance for obvious monetary gains. The destruction of mangroves went unnoticed till the builders erected buildings here. Several buyers even shifted to their new flats. But soon after this, a NGO working for environment filed case in court alleging destruction mangroves. The High Court ordered a stay on providing them with any facilities or amenities by any government body. For CIDCO, the High Court order was rather welcome as they had the moolahs of the deals already and now had to provide only amenities to the buyers. As a result nearly 60 buildings in this sector are without OCs due to the High Court order that has forced the buyers who have shifted here to live in hell. While many have availed housing loans and are paying EMIs on them, others who have not shifted are paying the EMIs of their news homes and living in rented apartments. With the present situation, it does not come as a surprise that chain snatching and other illegal activities are on the rise after dark. While CIDCO has earned in the allotments of the plots and the builders have earned by selling the flats, it is only the buyers who are at loss. And this is not only the situation in Nerul. Sources reveal that buyers in several areas in the city are affected in similar cases to the tune of nearly Rs. 100 Crores.


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