cidcoIf all goes as planned then the canteen at CIDCO will soon be an inspiration for undertaking sustainable and eco-friendly disposal of its organic waste generated on every working day. CIDCO with the help of The Energy and resources Institute has developed a Bio-methanation Plant here with an eco-friendly Waste Disposal System. In a one of its kind initiative, CIDCO has developed an eco-friendly disposal plant which is expected to help the canteen generate bio-gas that will help supplement the cooking gas needs of the canteen along with yielding rich manure. The CIDCO has taken help from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). The bio-methanation plant has been erected at CIDCO Bhavan that has put it up to undertake sustainable and eco-friendly disposal of 250 kgs of organic canteen generated daily. It is based on 2-stage process of Enhanced Acidification and Methanation which includes the treatment of organic solid wastes. CIDCO’s objective was to set up an eco-friendly and sustainable system for treatment of such waste. The sludge generated after the process can be dried up and used for manure for gardening and other purposes. The plant has been customized to suit the CIDCO canteen waste processing needs at a cost of Rs. 14.5 lakh. CIDCO’s Joint MD further informed that plant is expected to generate bio-gas equivalent to 144 cylinders of 19 kg each every year. While the plant was to take 30 days to provide bio-gas to CIDCO’s canteen, it’s been two months and it has been unable to successfully launch the project. A technical hitch was experienced in the beginning and the supply of bio-gas is likely to take few months. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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