CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil passes away due to cardiac arrest

Last night, CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil passed away due to a heart stroke. He was 74 years old. NMTV News expresses its condolences to the family of Nakul Patil, who was the chairman of CIDCO for the last three years.

CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil was the only chairman of CIDCO who worked for three terms. He was the CIDCO chairman from 1991-1995, 2004-2005 and then from 31st August 2006-2011. It is said that he was awarded the Chairmanship of CIDCO due to his loyalty and proximity towards NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar. He was known as one of the most soft-spoken Chairman. In a sudden and unfortunate incident, Nakul Patil passes away due to cardiac arrest. He was 74 years old. Nakul Patil had been a part of CIDCO functioning and significant decision makings which included the Navi Mumbai International Airport Project, Golf Course project and overall development of various nodes under CIDCO’s jurisdiction. Our fond memory goes back to the time when Nakul Patil was present during the tree plantation ceremony of NMTV Eden where he also paid a visit to NMTV studio. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter. On his sad demise, NMTV News pays its condolences to his family.

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