hacteries1CIDCO, the nodal agency that monitors and provides health facilities to residents, has decided to undertake measures to control the mosquito menace. CIDCO Joint MD Dilip Jadhav informed that they were constructing and developing a range of hatcheries to breed the guppy fish variety. A sustained effort to curb mosquitoes has been taken up by CIDCO by hatcheries for breeding guppy fish. A total of seven hatcheries, three each at Kalamboli and New Panvel, are also proposed along with 20-25 temporary hatcheries between Kharghar and Panvel. Guppy fish eat mosquito larvae and are available for cheap. This process helps in controlling mosquito breeding. Speaking to NMTV News, Joint MD of CIDCO Dilip Jadav informed about the functioning of the process. The fishes are put in big water tanks constructed by builders and developers at construction sites and in places where there is stagnant water. The entire process of developing hatcheries is very economical. While the process does not completely eliminate mosquitoes it helps in reducing their numbers. The guppy fish can be cultured ad bred at home in an aquarium, on a terrace and compounds of the housing societies. This innovative method can be cultivated up as a hobby. This could control the breeding of the mosquitoes to some extent in the surroundings. With cameraperson Ranjeet Gupta, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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