cidco-plant-2Welcome back. Now let’s take a look at news from some other segments. CIDCO is in the process of the developing many projects in the city. Under its initiative, the planning body has also constructed a Sewerage Treatment Plant in Kharghar. The water from the plant can be used for many purposes including construction work. Sewage Treatment Plant is a primary need of a well-developed city like Navi Mumbai. CIDCO has its modern sewage treatment plant almost at every important node like Ghansoli, Kamothe, Kalamboli and Kharghar. The cost of such plants varies depending upon the capacity of the water it treats. A Sewerage Treatment plant with a capacity of 25 MLD is located at Kharghar. The whole dynamics of the machinery is divided into phases of treatment, which consists of Inlet Chamber, Manual Screen Channel, Grit Removal Unit, Parshall flume, and Chlorine Contact Tank. CIDCO has used the best technology to construct this tank, informs CIDCO’s executive engineer Sanjay Chotalia. This plant had cost CIDCO Rs. 15 crore and for maintenance they incur 80 paise per liter. The systematically purified water is later used for horticulture, construction, and other development purposes. Presently from this STP, CIDCO is supplying 15 MLD water per day to Central Park and Golf Course at Kharghar through underground pipeline. At present, CIDCO is also pondering over selling this treated water, thus earning revenue from it. CIDCO’s other two STP plants are under development at Ulwe and Dronagiri. With monsoons not favoring the city much last year, looks like these STP’s are going to be boon for the city. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryavanshi for NMTV News.

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