cidco-1Since 1995, except for a few, CIDCO has not recruited any fresh staff. Today with many big projects underway by CIDCO, a huge crunch of approximately 400 to 500 staff is being felt at the planning body. Now that when almost 15 years have already gone by, it becomes pre requisite for CIDCO authority to fill in the vacant posts at the earliest. In comparison to other municipal corporations, NMMC stands a step ahead. The reason is the kind of infrastructure that has been handed over by CIDCO to NMMC. After acquisition of lands, the Project Affected People were moderately compensated by CIDCO, and its best example is of the Katkari Pada of CBD. Today best of the projects proudly carries the trademark of CIDCO like the Golf Course, Central Park and Exhibition Center at Vashi and very soon the most ambitious project of CIDCO, the Navi Mumbai International Airport. And while CIDCO is in the midst of all these development projects what is missing is that for the last fifteen years, there has been no fresh recruitment in CIDCO. In initial years of its inception, the strength of employees of CIDCO was 2,200. However, since 1995, due to lack of fresh recruitment, there are approximately 400 to 500 posts in general departments which are vacant. The Employees Union of CIDCO has time and again raised this concern with CIDCO many times. The main strength of the planning body is its expert engineering staff. To keep the work going CIDCO does time to time recruitment for the Engineering Department but other departments are left out. Shortage of staff has also led to slow pace of work. The forwarding of a file should ideally take 2 days but lack of staff prolongs it for 10 days. And now that CIDCO has accepted the challenge of the airport, it becomes pre-requisite to have all posts filled. The president of CIDCO Employees Union explained the current and future hurdles. He also spoke o the hurdles that CIDCO is likely to face to remove encroachments. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble and Santosh Bodhare, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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