cidco-1While CIDCO claims to have got the green signals and all requisite permissions for the Navi Mumbai International Airport, there are a few hitches and obstacles in the way of the project. One major hiccup being the villagers of the small hamlets that fall on the land demarcated for the airport. In order to convince these villagers that CIDCO will give them the best compensation and rehabilitation package, a meet was called between CIDCO officials and the villagers. Monika Bhosale attended the meeting for this report. The first of the meetings called between CIDCO officials and villagers to be affected by the Navi Mumbai International Airport project concluded over the weekend at Waghivli village. The meeting was presided over by the CIDCO’s Managing Director GS Gill himself. He was accompanied by Sub Divisional Officer of Panvel Pandurang Magdum, Tehsildar Dr Sandeep Mane, CIDCO Special Officer Arvind Jadhav, Additional Chief Transport Engineer Satyendu Sinha and others. While CIDCO officials tried their level best to convince the village owners, the villagers were skeptical that the city makers would fulfill their promises. They say that even today PAPs in Navi Mumbai are awaiting compensation under the 12.5% scheme, that’s why they fear giving up their lands. In the meeting convened here, villagers voiced their apprehensions, fears and oppositions. They demanded that CIDCO give them complete area of the developments coming up on villager’s land and said that unless the issue of compensation and rehabilitation is solved in a concrete way, their opposition to the project will continue. The positive outcome of the joint meeting was that it has been decided that a co-ordination committee of 16 other villages would be formed and this committee will work with CIDCO on this issue. Speaking to the media, CIDCO Managing Director G S Gill assured that rehabilitation of the PAP’s would be top priority. He further assured that even those PAPs awaiting compensation under the 12.5% scheme would get their dues soon. While CIDCO has failed PAPs in the past, ever since the dynamic G S Gill has taken charge as CIDCO Managing Director, the process of compensation under the 12.5% scheme has sped up. And that’s why there is hope that in the case of the Intl Airport project, the villagers would not be let down. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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