mgm-1The Vashi MGM Hospital in a letter to CIDCO has feigned ignorance on the Rs. 75 lakhs being paid from the hospital’s account in the name of rent. Despite the pharmacy within the hospital premise being run by a private limited company, MGM Hospital have further claimed that no third party has been created. Sensing that the MGM Trust is misinforming them, CIDCO has demanded explanation from the MGM Trust before May end. The case of the irregularities in the MGM Hospital, Vashi is being heard in the Mumbai High Court. It is during the hearing of this case that CIDCO suddenly woke up from its deep slumber as its Manager Town Services V S Marathe issued a letter to MGM Hospital at Vashi demanding an explanation on the Rs. 75 lacs that MGM Hospital is showing as the amount being paid every year since 2003 but till date this rent that amounts to Crores has not been given to the actual owners of the hospital that is CIDCO. The letter had also demanded an explanation on how MGM Hospital has sub-let its premises to a chemist shop without prior permission from CIDCO. The MGM Trust however claims in a latter written to CIDCO that they have not sub-let their premise to any third party. Sensing that the MGM Trust is misinforming them, CIDCO in its letter has written that they have observed that the ground floor of the hospital is leased out to a pvt. ltd. company that is “Durga Medical Foundation Pvt Ltd.” CIDCO has demanded a clarification whether the MGM Trustees Dr. Sudhir Kadam and Dr. Nitin Kadam and their wives own the pvt. ltd. company that is running the pharmacy. Sandeep Thakur says that the MGM Trustees and the Director of the company running the pharmacy at MGM Hospital in violation of CIDCO agreement are the same people. He informed us that the pharmacy itself is making profits to the tune of Crores every year. Another shocking aspect of the MGM Trust’s reply to CIDCO is that the trust’s management claims that they have no idea about where the Rs. 75 lacs is being paid as rent and this is something that they can clarify only after their CA comes back from abroad. It’s quite shocking that the trustees of MGM Hospital at Vashi would not know where a sum as huge as Rs. 75 lacs is going from their accounts in the name of rent every year. In its letter, CIDCO has demanded that MGM give an explanation on the pvt. ltd. company that has been sub-let the hospital premise for running a pharmacy in clear violation of the agreement of CIDCO, whether the Kadams are the directors of the pvt. ltd. company and where is Rs. 75 lacs going every year from the hospitals’ account as rent. The MGM Trust has been asked to file its reply to CIDCO before May end. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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