mgm-1CIDCO seems to have finally woken up from its deep slumber and has issued a notice to MGM Hospital at Vashi demanding explanation on the Rs. 75 lacs that the hospital is showing as rent in their accounts since 2003 and for sub-letting a part of the hospital premises to a chemist shop with the actual owner CIDCO’s permission. The case is being heard in High Court. The case of the irregularities in the MGM Hospital, Vashi is being heard in the Mumbai High Court. Even as the court is to give a final verdict on the same, CIDCO seems to have suddenly woken up from its deep slumber. CIDCO Manager Town Services V S Marathe has issued a letter to MGM Hospital at Vashi demanding an explanation on the Rs. 75 lacs that MGM Hospital is showing as the amount being paid every year since 2003 but till date this rent that amounts to Crores has not been given to the actual owners of the hospital that is CIDCO. He added that he was surprised that V S Marathe did not know that Rs. 75 lacs was being paid in the name of rent despite being on the MGM Trust Board. The letter has also demanded an explanation on how MGM Hospital has sub-let its premises to a chemist shop without prior permission from CIDCO. While MGM is yet to reply to these queries, there are some other irregularities that are seen in the list of needy patients that MGM Hospital claims have received free medical services from them. One name raising doubts on the authenticity of the records is Dr. Charu Rewatkar who reportedly was given nearly Rs. 4 lacs free medical services for 90 days in MGM Hospital. Dr. Charu Rewatkar is definitely not a poor or needy person who cannot pay for medical services as he is a doctor. Moreover, he is also reportedly related to Dr. Jayant Rewatkar – who is a consulting physician at the same hospital. Sandeep Thakur says that this is failure of governance and on part of CIDCO this looks like absurd behavior. For nearly two decades now MGM Trust at Vashi has been fooling the public of Navi Mumbai by sitting on a prime plot that was meant to provide affordable medical services to Navi Mumbaikars and CIDCO too has failed to make the MGM trust accountable to their agreement. While the High Court order might book the violators, the case of MGM Trust is one of the many such instances where the noble profession of doctors is stained for pure commercial interest at the cost of the rights of the poor and needy. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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