fire-1-With Kharghar and adjoining areas developing fastidiously, CIDCO has decided to are developing at a fast pace. Many areas are also developing as residential areas. On one side where they have sky-scrapers built and for their safety CIDCO has decided to make its fire brigade service more advanced. Under the able leadership of CIDCO’s Jt. MD Dilip Jadhav, CIDCO has decided to make the fire brigade more advanced and establish more fire brigades with improved methods and equipments of safety in the areas falling under its jurisdiction. With a view to make the fire brigade service advanced, the organization has decided to provide advanced training to the firemen as per the directives passed by the State Government. Moreover, it will also appoint new staff as a part of this development activity. CIDCO will be soon purchasing hi-tech equipments for fire brigade in which it will be providing fire proof jackets to its firemen. Also it will provide short term courses to those firemen who serve for huge buildings so that they’ll be aware of the primary control measures that should be taken during emergency. CIDCO has also proposed of establishing its own fire brigade at Khargahr, Kalwa and Kamothe areas. Effective and efficient fire brigade services are one of the important services for any node of the city. Prior to this CIDCO was often criticized for neglecting these services in nodes of Navi Mumbai that are under them. But now with the dynamic Dilip Jadhav being in charge of CIDCO Jt. MD’s office, CIDCO Fire Stations are all set to go hi-tech. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monica Bhosale for NMTV news.


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