cidco-training-centreIn one of its corporate social responsibility, CIDCO has launched a charity program for the project affected people of the city. CIDCO is soon going to open a Training Centre for PAPs at Dronagiri. Sana Warsia met with the project co-ordinator of CIDCO, Dr. P M Mane for a first hand information on this ideal project. In an effort to provide some kind of livelihood to the Project Affected Persons of the city, CIDCO is soon commencing a Training Centre for PAPs at Dronagiri. The aim of CIDCO behind this unique initiative is to train the PAPs to be entrepreneurs and self dependent. The project co-ordinator on this training centre, Dr. P M Mane spoke on the objectives of the centre. The training centre is likely to be inaugurated on the 15th of June which will offer a wide range of courses from retail management to office management to catering for women. Each course has a nominal charge of Rs 250. Also aiding CIDCO is SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai which will provide the content of the courses. However, the physical, financial and legal support will be that of CIDCO. A school at Dronagiri has been taken as the training centre which will be upgraded for the purpose, development of which has already started. To advertise and spread awareness, CIDCO apart from approaching the media has written letters to the sarpanjs of villages. So far nearly 500 applications have been sold out. The chairman of the governing body of the training centre is CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil, CIDCO MD G S Gill and JMD Dilip Jadhav have taken over as the Vice Chairman and Co-Vice Chairman post respectively. Along with them are selected key officers of CIDCO who with Dr. Mane would look into the management of the centre. With cameraperson Ranjeet, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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