smoking1While the state cannot stop people from smoking, it can take out rules and awareness to inform people about the injuries that smoking can cause to ones health. Recently, the Urban Ministry has made it mandatory for manufactures to bear a visible warning and pictures to refrain people from getting addicted to smoking. According to a survey done by the WHO, the number of people who smoke cigarettes has increased to 25%. This includes minors who are mostly in school or colleges. There are various health hazards due to smoking which are not easily known until its too late. The nicotine content in cigarettes is the major cause for lung and mouth cancer. Unfortunately even when people were aware of its health hazard they say that those who want to smoke will smoke. However, what can be called as a positive awareness drive would be the Union Ministry’s guidelines recently issued to manufacturers to display bigger warnings. Until now the health warnings were mentioned in barely readable font on the rear side of the packets. Union government has made the mode of display more specific and definite in a bid to generate more awareness towards the health hazards in consuming tobacco. With cameraperson Ranjeet, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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