vilas-bhoir-6Kopri Village is perhaps one of the worst wards of the city that has an endless list of civic grievances. And that’s why it didn’t come as a surprise that citizens of the ward gave thumbs down to their corporator Vilas Bhoir’s performance in the last five years. The Congress party has become synonymous to development round the country but this definitely is not the case at Kopri village. The local corporator of the Congress Vilas Bhoir might have won the elections on the symbol of the famous hand that stands for the aam admi but Vilas Bhoir seems to have done little for the common man at Kopri village. The Bhoirs have been ruling Kopri village for a decade. Situated close to the developed Vashi node; while all wards at Vashi progressed and developed, its eluded Kopri village. Illegal constructions and garages mushroomed up in the village periphery allegedly with the support and blessings of the local corporator Vilas Bhoir. This has given an open opportunity to other political parties to blame the ruling Congress corporator for doing injustice to Kopri village. NCP’s Purshottam Bhoir says that the work done Vilas Bhoir will reflect in NMMC Elections 2010. He alleged that the as a corporator of Kopri Village, Vilas Bhoir would not have uttered even 10 words for his ward at the NMMC General Body meets. He alleged that there are illegal constructions are taking place in this village on a large scale with even the local corporator trying to benefit himself. The lanes have become so narrow and congested with unplanned constructions that it becomes a testing time for the locals when take out dead bodies from homes. Speaking on the failures of the local corporator Vilas Bhoir, Purshottam Bhoir alleged that despite being the Standing Committee member for three years, Vilas Bhoir failed to take up the issues of his ward merely because of his lack of interest and ignorance. He expressed confidence that the upcoming NMMC Elections 2010 will see the selection of honest corporators. And when we met the local corporator he was taking credit for whatever little work that has been done while he pushed the blame of incomplete work on the ruling front. As for the citizens, not only do they say that their problems are many but also blame all political parties for it. Another burning issue of this node are the illegal garages. It is alleged that due to the presence of garages trucks are washed from the pond water of the village and the diesel or petrol from the truck gets mixed in the water. This chemical effluent is directly affecting the flora and fauna of the pond. Unfortunately, even the local corporator Vilas Bhoir admits that the garages in his ward are illegal. What comes as a shock is the allegations of the local garage people who say that some of the illegal garages are owned by the local corporator. As a result locals are forced to live in unhygienic conditions. You just saw for yourself how due to internal politics, Kopri Village is yet another ward where, forget progress and development but the corporator has even failed to do justice to basic civic problems. In “Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance !” A NMTV Good Governance Initiative we can only bring to you the issues but the final call is yours. If you are satisfied with your corporator “vote for stability” else, change them while you can in Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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