Our country is known throughout the world for its celebratory fervor. Fresh flowers, exchange of gifts, new clothes, meeting new and old friends and offerings of traditional sweets sum up a typical celebration of Diwali – the festival that is celebrated with utmost excitement. Uniting all members of the community, young and old, rich or poor, the lighting of the lamps on Diwali represents a way of paying obeisance to God for attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and valued fame. The happiness of Diwali is seen in every corner of the city. Diwali is one festival that is celebrated at the highest magnitude in the country and the city Mumbai celebrated it with more vigor than ever as well. Lamps and lights lit the houses and the roads. The streets are bustling with the noise of crackers and the festive mood is felt in every organization. The season of blessings has truly blessed the city and is showing colors in the city businesses as well.

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