kolu-1The Tamil community of Navi Mumbai has kept its tradition of Navrathri Bommai Kolu Festival alive. Every year, the Vashi Fine Arts Society organizes this festival for all residents who are unable to keep the idols at their homes. Settled away from hometown but still the Tamil community living in city has kept their treasured tradition of Kolu Festival alive. Tradition goes that the mother used to give dolls to their married daughter during marriage and those dolls were used to pass on from one generation to another. This tradition dear to Tamil community is still alive in parts of the country. To revere goddesses and their omnipotence, during Navratri, South Indians at home deck these dolls called as ‘Bommai’ of god and goddess on 9 level staircases, which in Tamil is known as ‘Kolu’. This ‘kolu’ is said to depict the origin of life and also the victory of virtue over evil. However, while many residents are unable to follow this tradition at home, Vashi based Vashi Fine Arts Society’s Women’s Wing at Kannada Sangha Hall organized the miniature of this festival where all people come together and celebrate. In early days, women only used to exchange kumkum but today they also exchange gifts with chundals With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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