cristmats-1Its Christmas season ! While some are out shopping some have already bought the decorations and are busy decorating their houses. Jan Cabral checks out how people are decorating their homes this Christmas. Its Christmas season and a highlight of the season is the beautiful decoration that is seen across city homes. And any Christmassy decoration is incomplete without the star, crib, Christmas tree and of course the Santa Claus. Every catholic family puts a star outside his home. According to the Bible, the stars light guided the three wise kings who wanted to honour Lord Jesus when he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. On the other hand crib stands for the fact that even though Lord Jesus is King he was born in a stable. Making the crib by oneself is a very satisfying experience as it depicts the scene of the birth of Lord Jesus. And when we speak of Christmas, there has to be Santa Claus that brings all the gifts for children. Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas used to dress up in a Red Coat and disguise himself and roam around the neighborhood distributing gifts to poor children. And lastly it’s the Christmas tree that completes the decoration during Christmas in any house. Family members come together to assemble gifts around the Christmas tree. Besides small gift boxes, stars and cotton is put on the tree to get the feeling of snow. With cameraman Raju Sharma and Kala Jadhav Jan Cabral for NMTV news.


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