Vashi – Juhugoan node is known as the Mayor’s ward. Despite this the road leading from Vashi to KK as come under debris encroachment so badly that residents are forced to park their vehicles on footpath. And its not just the locals but even Mayor Anjani Bhoir has to park her car on the road. And with half of the roads filled with debris, stalls and dustbins are placed in the midst of the haphazardly created commotion. The topic of Vashi-Juigaon obviously brings along the name of Mayor Anjanai Bhoir who is also a resident of this node. Unfortunately, Mayor or no mayor, the main junctions of this sector can be called as the most pathetic. Know as a very busy node, the two lanes of the Vashi-Koperkhairane have been converted into 1 due to the amount of debris spread on the road. It’s been a month now with the debris lying on the roads and vehicle owners have no option but to either park their vehicles on or roads or footpaths. A board proudly stands here stating a beautiful and green Navi Mumbai but a look at the roads will tell you otherwise. And not just the locals but even the Mayor is unable to park her vehicle due to the debris. Locals voiced concern to NMTV News. Unfortunately, the Mayor of Navi Mumbai herself cannot solve the issues of her own area. It was more shocking when the Mayor stated the ward officer failed to do his duty and despite she calling him, the officer has paid no attention. And when the voice of the Mayor herself does not hold any value for these officers, where do the local residents stand? With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.


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