holi--4With the Holi festival just a few days away, city markets and shops are all decorated with water guns and colors of the festival. Our correspondent visited these colorful markets. Holi is a very important festival in India. A festival of colors, holi is a festival that is immensely celebrated and enjoyed by all especially children. We visited the city shops to find out what is the latest item in this year’s Holi. With Board and other examinations underway, many shopkeepers informed that the sale in Holi items was quiet less. We also spoke to the people making a beeline to shops to make their Holi colorful. With city streets to take on a vibrant look with friends and family spraying each other with colored powders and water, we should not forget to play a safe Holi. With cameraperson Mali, Amjad Ansari for Navi Mumbai News.

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