name-changed-3After the unfortunate Hitler’s name controversy at Kharghar, two residents of Navi Mumbai namely Hitler and Ravan changed their names. The suggestion was made to them by Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Not may know that in the Hitler’s Cross restaurant controversy at Kharghar, only after Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s intervention, the proprietors of HC’s restaurant decided to change the name of their restaurant lest their licenses would have been revoked. Now, two more city residents have taken the advice of GM GN and changed their names. They are Dr. Hitler Sonawane and Ravan Patil. Dr. Sonawane is a doctor practicing in Airoli while Ravan Patil is a singer. Both of them have a few things in common. They say that their names helped them get popularity in their school and college says and even in their professional lives. However, when Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik advised Dr. Hitler Sonawane that his name hurts the sentiments of the Jewesih community and it would be better for him to change his name, he abided by the same and is now Dr. Dilip Sonawane. On the other hand singer Ravan Patil, a NCP party worker says that he never faced any problem due to the name but went along with his leader’s suggestion of changing his name and is now known as Ram Patil. Like Shakespeare said, Whats’ in a name? For Dr. Dilip Sonawane and Ram Patil, they say their work and not name matters more.

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