cityjournalistMumbai city that has survived several terror attacks has only one question in its mind. What was the mistake of hundreds of innocent people who died in all these attacks? What safety measures have been taken for those who are alive? In this situation there were reporters who always stayed with the citizens sharing their sorrows. The recent terror attack has put a big impact in the minds of the citizens, an incident the citizens would never forget in their lives. In this situation, journalists were present 24*7 who put their own lives in danger and gave the people the minute details of the terror strikes. Through their broadcasting medium, they try to provide correct information and direction to its viewers. They try to show the exact situation so that they could advise the people to stay united and not fight with each other in the name of religion. Some of the journalists condemned the acts and called for a war. However, there were also some who stated that we should all do what we can to assist the police during such times. Azaj Khan for NMTV news.

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