muharram-10Contrary to popular belief, Muharram is not a particular day, but the name of a month that marks the beginning of the year according to the Islamic calendar. Muharram is one of four months that have been designated as holy according to the Islamic calendar. Fasting is advocated in the month of Muharram. The Prophet is believed to have said: “The best fasts after the fasts of Ramadan are those of the month of Muharram. The month of Muharram is also associated with many auspicious events in Islamic history. Allah is supposed to have created the heavens and the earth on this blessed day. In the city, to mark the tenth day of Ashura, Muslims took out processions carrying colorfully decorated taziyas – made of bamboo and paper that are replicas of the martyr’s tomb. Colorful replicas of Imam Husain’s tomb at Kerbala are also carried in procession and buried at an imitation Karbala. At places, sharbat is distributed in the community. In Navi Mumbai, Commissioner of Police Ramrao Wagh was present at one of spots. A NMTV Bureau report.

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