painting-2When an artist loves his art, he paints the entire world on his canvas. We introduce you to Aditya Chari, who is a young veteran painter. Aditya has been nominated for ‘Ravi Paranjpe Young Artist’ award by Ravi Paranjpe foundation for his invaluable contribution in the world of arts. Archana Tripathi has more. A look at these paintings reflect one’s emotions and expressions. These paintings look so real that they may come to alive any second. These are the paintings of Aditya Chari who is been painting since his childhood. Born in an artist’s family, Aditya’s father and grandfather were also great painters. He said that even today he follows his grandfather Dr S M Pandit’s footsteps to gain success in this field. He agreed that realistic paintings were the most difficult to paint but that there is more demand for such paintings. Aditya has tried his hand in different kinds of art in terms of painting as according to him, one should know the basics of all art. In addition to this, he has also published two books which is a great source for aspiring painters. With the book’s popularity, it has also been released in a French edition. He also shared his happiness for being nominated for the ‘Ravi Paranjpe Young Artist’ award. At present, Aditya is working for Prana studio as a pre-production artist and his aim is to excel in the field of realistic paintings. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Archana Tripathi for NMTV news.

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