chopper-2The city police is likely to have its own chopper. The police department has stated that they will use the helicopter to keep a watch on the city’s vast coastline and intercept suspicious boats and fishing trawlers in the sea To avoid any delay in responding to terrorist attacks or tracking them down, the city police has decided to acquire its own helicopter, which will monitor suspicious activities along the city’s coastline. During the 26/11 terrorist attacks, a lot of valuable time was wasted in getting aid from the Central agencies. A lot of time was consumed in mobilsing the NSG Unit, which reached the city almost four hours after the 10 terrorists had created mayhem. Sources from the police force, said that several clearances and procedures had to be followed while getting a defence helicopter. For having a better system of networking in the sea, the coastal police have also distributed around 100 cellphones to the fishermen at various places. This decision was taken in the light of the use of the fishing trawler, MV Kuber by the 26/11 terrorists.

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