Gracelite-4With people getting health conscious day by day, many health centres have flourished in the city. But in this competition of staying on the top, there are many people who fall into the prey of health centres giving false promises for their own benefits. One such victim is a resident of Kharghar who instead of growing fit got a bundle of illnesses at Gracilite health centre, Kharghar who has now decided to approach the Consumer Court. A resident of sec 19, Laxmi Shriram joined a weight loss program at Gracilite Health Centre, Kharghar when she was plagued with many illnesses and diseases. She alleges that the amateur and inefficient methods followed by them not just resulted in weakening her body but also led to mental stress. She spoke about her illness and discomfort to the Director of the centre, Dr. Darshan and requested him to refund the money but instead the centre asked her to get a client and then they would refund her money. Following the same she has even submitted a written complaint against Gracilite to the Navi Mumbai Commissioner of Police Ramrao Wagh. We also spoke with Dr. Darshan at the health centre who stated that Lakshmi had been unfit when she had joined and it was not because of the centre that she had fallen ill. The doctor’s remark put a question mark on the functioning of the centre because if a person was considered weak or ill, then why were they allowed to join the centre in the first place. Being fit and healthy has become a mantra for many and taking advantage of this, there are many health centers that have established in the city without the right expertise or methods that need to be followed. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.

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