Mumbai will have to wait till 2021 to meet its water requirement, according to the projection by the MCGM. With rising population and increasing water demand, particularly for high rises and for re-development and other real estate projects, MCGM says it will be another 12 years before Mumbaikars can enjoy adequate water supply. The estimation was made in a white paper prepared by the water supply department on the demand of the MCGM Standing Committee members. They had raised questions on inadequate water supply in slum areas, hilly parts and even in high rises practically every week. The white paper states that the steps the civic administration plans to take to improve water supply will be tabled in next week’s committee meeting. MCGM is now banking on the Rs 1,600-crore Middle Vaitarna project expected to be complete in 2012, to add 450 mld to the 3,450 mld water being supplied now. MCGM also plans to organize awareness campaigns and rainwater harvesting, to make citizens understand the need of using water judiciously and avoiding wastage or else the corporation will have to wait till 2021, when they hope to plug the demand-supply gap. Bureau report – NMTV News

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