vashi-dptVashi being a central node, the Vashi bus depot sees lakhs of commuters daily. Despite being one of the busiest depot of the city, one is shocked to the lethargy of the authorities towards maintaining it as broken benches, debris and potholes is what greets one here. Vashi bus depot can be termed as one of the busiest depots of the city but unfortunately, the sight of the depot is quite appalling. Starting with, the facilities that should be provided to the commuters. One of the basic facilities is the provision of drinking water. While a water point has been installed at the depot, it was clearly in deplorable condition. The taps do not have any water although we spotted one tap trickling water. Moving on is the greenery around the depot. Well, there isn’t any. A place that might have been defined for a green belt had debris and construction material thrown in. Construction material was also found around the depot and it was an immediate NMTV Impact as, as soon as our team started shooting the dirt lying around, workers sprung into action and started loading the debris in a truck. However, one of the worst fears of the commuter is potholes found in the depot which not just makes commuters travel uneasy but also damages the buses. The entire depot has paver blocks which ideally should not be used when heavy vehicles ply through it. Mumbai Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul has time and again raised voice against using paver blocks that make for very poor civic work just about anywhere. Unfortunately in Navi Mumbai no political person has protested as strongly on this front. And an example of how shoddy things can get due to this is evident at the Vashi bus depot. One can already spot potholes and with monsoons to hit the city sooner than later, the problem are only set to get worse. Commuters expressed that the depot road should be concretized as heavy buses ply through here. And in the already crowded depot, illegal stalls have mushroomed making the place all the more congested. There is also a small space given out to NMMC cleaning workers. One wonders why NMMC has given the permission inside a depot. Broken benches, no garbage bins, absolutely no sign of greenery and deplorable commuting conditions, this is the bus depot of a node that perhaps generates the high taxes to NMMC treasury and in return is one of the most neglected spots in the city. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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