With catchments belts still to receive sufficient rains, the MCGM has decided to induce rains artificially. Additional municipal commissioner Anil Diggikar informed that a cloud-seeding experiment will be carried out in one of the catchment belts by the next week. The officials have requested the Indian Meteorological Department to suggest a day and place with conditions favourable for the experiment. The clouds have to be of certain thickness and relatively lower to facilitate cloud seeding. The wind flow and humidity must also be favourable. Diggikar said the MCGM would prefer to have the experiment over the catchment area of either Modak Sagar or Upper Vaitarna reservoirs, where the dip in water levels has been of concern. If MCGM goes ahead with the experiment, this will be the second time it is being tried. Cloud seeding was carried out for nine days in 1992 in the city. For the entire experiment to work, MCGM would have to set up 10 stations and would need to procure silver-iodide and furnaces which will help fuse sodium iodide crystals in the cloud. Once the clouds are fused it takes less than 90 minutes for it to rain. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Hansraj Kanuajia for NMTV News.

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