seawoods-problemNavi Mumbai is known as the city of 21st century but what we claim to be a well planned city is rather very much unplanned. Sector 40 of Seawoods is one such area with heaps of garbage and open drains. The residents of sector 40 at Seawoods are unhappy with the negligent attitude of NMMC towards the maintenance of their area. The area has an open drain, an open plot and heap of garbage lying unattended. The footpath is also in a deplorable condition. The area has also become a breeding spot for mosquitoes inviting several diseases. The area even has open DP boxes and wires lying in the open, one of the reason whys the pedestrians do not prefer using the footpath. Open drains have also become a problem for the residents of sector 36 at Seawoods. A post sector of the node, residents have to live with open drains. The drains have remained uncovered for the last 4 months. The problem is all the worse are the open drains are located in a residential area along with Potdar Internation School in the vicinity. Locals inform that a tyre of one of the school buses got stuck in the drain but fortunately there were no children in the bus. School going children have to live with foul smell apart from the danger of falling in the open drain. The problems of the residents do not even end here. Footpath generally for pedestrians are used to park vehicles while the streetlight not functioning. Thus the residents are demanding that the civic body should look into the matter and cover the nullah soon and provide a safe environment to the citizens. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Monica Bhosale for NMTV News.

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