chandra-shekar-3The state is ready to accept the resignation of T Chandrashekhar. The feelers have been sent by none other than Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh who says that the government cannot come in the way of an officer’s progress in his professional career. If the IAS has decided to put in his papers, the CM says so be it. Addressing a press conference after his return from the World Economic Forum in Davos and a business tour to Germany, Deshmukh was inundated with questions on the fate of Chandrashekar who resigned last week after being stripped of his additional charge as Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) CEO. The Chief Minister said that it was unfair for the government to come in the way of an officer who was making progress in his professional life hinting that T Chandrashekhar’s resignation will be accepted. In the recent future, many senior IAS officers have opted to head the private sector bidding adieu to government posts. This is what the CM had to say on this. Looks like the Chief Minister was completed prepared on how to tackle the issue of T Chandrashekhar’s resignation but no matter what the state says, there is no denying that T Chandreshakhar has been an officer that would have been a national treasure in any other country in the world and his resignation reflects very poorly on the state government that has been failure in more ways than one. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.


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