cold-2With the dropping temperature, hospitals have seen a rise in cases of illness and diseases reported. According to Mumbai’s chief executive health officer, the ill-effects of winter can now be felt in Mumbai. With the mercury levels touching as low as 9 degrees, the ill-effects of winter in Mumbai is being felt resulting into pollution & diseases. He also agreed to the fact that there is increase in the rate of patients suffering from viral fever & other diseases. At a time like this, the officer spoke on some measures which should be followed to prevent winter chills and illnesses. The first being to avoid morning walks and sitting near the window seat of buses or even standing at the train’s doors. Although there was a time when morning walks were considered good for the health but with the increasing pollution and dangers of global warming, its time now to take precautionary measures against it. With cameraperson Abhay, Mishra for NMTV news.

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