diwali-rangoli-1COLORFUL RANGOLIS AND FLOWERS MARK DIWALI CELEBRATIONS Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture. Though every festival is important in its own way, the festival of Diwali which continues for 5 days in the atmosphere of light, showers happiness on all. And where there’s happiness there is obviously sweets add joy to the occasion. Whenever it is the occasion of happiness, everyone comes together and share a sweet bite to mark the celebrations. Sweets enhance the joy of the celebration. And therefore markets are full of sweets and delicacies, in which mainly Kajukatri, Malai and sweets made up of milk are favorites of people. But to know what all things are kept in mind while making this sweets, we spoke with one of the shopkeepers. He further informed about the hygiene maintained in sweets while using colors. Its apparent that price rise has taken its toll on Diwali but perhaps sweets have given relief to the people as they add into happiness. Lanterns, flowers, colors, crackers, diyas, sweets and delicacies are the marks of Diwali and this Diwali too is not exception to that. Markets are filled with an assortment of colors, rangolis and flowers. At evening women decorate their front yard with alluring designs of rangoli filled with various colors and sparkles. It is said that Laxmi enters at evening and decorated and happy atmosphere generates pleasant vibe in the atmosphere. Traditionally, flowers and rangolis are natural ways of beautifying our home in company with diyas and lanterns. In today’s fast life, grand festival like Diwali has produced very cheerful atmosphere, adding to the delight in company of friends and families. With cameraperson Raju Shrama, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.


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