rahman1In the midst of the wilderness of the sprawling greenery of Nhava, lies a maritime catering college, one of the few maritime colleges that the country houses today. Enter the sprawling campus of the Training Ship Rahaman set up by Sir Mohamed Yusuf and you’ll find the college built on the pear shaped island of Nhava, formerly known as Hog Island. Contrary to what most people think, this is not an initiative of the Indian Navy but a training ground for young men wanting to join the Merchant Navy as sea cadets. And what makes the T S Rahaman Maritime catering college different from others is its training kitchen that gives every student the feel of actually working in a kitchen on a ship. The clatter of pans, the burning stoves, the stirring, the heat and the rush with something delicious smelling in the air…the T S Rahama training kitchen compels you to think that you have entered an actual kitchen on ship, with the chefs trying to meet their orders. The training kitchen gives students work-stations and a cooking kit as they are trained under the chef. And the cuisines they learn are mouth watering because they range from delicacies to continental, chinese and even Italian. The chopping, the slicing, the cutting – the students are taught everything from the basic to the advanced level with an array of advanced equipments like the bone saw, meat mincer and the tilting pan. Even the stoves and refrigerators are similar to those found on ships. Ask them how they feel and the prompt reaction is that learning in the T S Rahaman training kitchen is like in the midst of an island away from home is like being on a ship. The chef Sunil Salunkhe who comes with an experience of more than 15 years says that the students are taught in a typical environment of a ship so that the students once on job are not homesick. If you are foodie who loves to indulge in freshly baked croissants or cakes, the bakery and the confectionary room at T S Rahaman is definitely the place to be. The quite adequate space has ovens and pans needed for cakes and other similar mouth-watering delicacies. In fact the ease and efficiency with which the chef Rajesh Rai went ahead of making a display alligator with dough and a fruit-cake will leave you wanting and desiring for more. Apart from the kitchen, the college also houses a training restaurant where the students are taught the etiquettes of serving, bar service and pantry service. The Captain Superintendent of Training Ship Rahaman Capt. Najib Peshimam says that no where would one find an infrastructure like that provided at T S Rahaman.


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