vijay-nahata-3The number of accidents taking place on the Thane Belapur Road have seen a steep rise with the ever since the concretization work has commenced. The worst happened this week when a 16 year old boy was crushed to death by a truck. The next day Commissioner Vijay Nahata paid visit to the site to expedite the work of a subway at the earliest. Rajeev Mishra has the details. The Killer Thane Belapur Road has claimed another life, this time of an innocent school going boy. Undoubtedly witnessing a massive protest and outburst by the locals and citizens at large. The main reason for the increasing number of accidents has been the haphazard style of concretization with portions of the road reeling under horrible conditions while the other portions are half done. Sensing that the accident prone zone records were attaining seriousness that needs immediate addressal, Commissioner Vijay Nahata set out with his team to visit the road and the site where the boy met with the tragic accident. To the media, the Commissioner accepted that the time period of the project was proving to be troublesome for commuters and locals alike. The locals of Pawne who are still in shock after the boy met with his tragic end have demanded that NMMC begin the subway work in their area at the earliest. The deadline for the concretization work of Thane Belapur Road was May 31 2007. The failure of the contractor to meet the deadline and the engineering dept.’s failure to get the work done has cost the city life and blood and continues to do so. Commissioner Nahata might be new in office compared to the other HODs, but the latter continue to shirk their duties by not only not taking the case of the contractor for delay in executing the project but also failing to intervene in putting some security measures in place to control the accidents on the Thane Belapur Road. Their neglect and irresponsible behavior once again puts the image of the civic body to shame. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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