sec-29-road-repair-1The on going concretisation of the road stretch from Sector 29 to Vashi plaza is spelling doom for the shop owners. The shop owners say that they have already suffered a loss of Rs. 1 Crore. The NMMC is conducting the concretisation of the road from Vashi Sector 29 to Vashi plaza for Rs. 9.5 Crores. But the work that began a few days prior to the wet season, it being done at snail’s pace. As a result only a patch of the entire stretch has been completed by the contractor. The present condition from Sector 29 to Sector 14, Vashi is such that only half of the road has been concretised while the other half of the road has been dug and left as it is for nearly 2 months now. The height of the dug up road is 3 feet, which makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk in the area. And this has become the reason of worry for the shops of this stretch. Shop owners of Sector 29 have suffered a loss of nearly Rs. 1 Crore in the last three months. The shop owners spoke to Navi Mumbai News and said that from Ganeshutsav to Diwali is the main season for shopping. They said that so many festivals have already ended with them awaiting customers but there are none. They say that anticipating the festive season, they bought new stocks but the entire stock is lying as it is due to the apathy of NMMC. A look on the way the work has been timed and is being done shows the indifference of NMMC towards these shop’s businesses. According to them, each one of them has faced a loss of nearly Rs. 5 Lakhs with few become debtors as well. The shop owners say that NMMC should try and understand the losses they are going through and speed up the concretisation work.

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