eknath-dukhande-1Education Committee Elections that concluded in NMMC recently once again exposed the indifferences within the Congress party and how the party is becoming weaker by the day. This is because the Congress corporators decided to boycott the elections while the Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat could not ensure the victory of his loyalist Eknath Dukhande in an election as small as that of a member to NMMC’s Education Committee. Every time one thinks that the Congress party in Navi Mumbai cannot get weaker than this, it becomes weaker. Once again the Navi Mumbai Congress portrayed a dismal picture post their poll debacle at the NMMC Education Committee elections that were held in NMMC recently. This is because Eknath Dukhande – a close confidante of Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat lost NMMC Education Committee elections to Shiv Sena. Corporators of the Congress party itself refused to vote for Dukhande. They did not want a Namdeo Bhagat loyalist to win. This is the sole reason why the party decided to boycott the elections. Not surprisingly Congress’s Eknath Dukhande lost the elections to Shiv Sena’s Somnath Vaskar. The defeat has once again brought shame to the Navi Mumbai Congress, especially District Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat who himself lost the elections and sits as a co-op member of the party. Today his hold on the Navi Mumbai Congress has weakened so much that he did could not procure a seat for one of his loyalists in education committee elections, which are perhaps the easiest elections possible. And report of his failed leadership and growing opposition against Namdeo Bhagat within Navi Mumbai Congress party workers has even reached the State Congress leaders. In fact the MPCC is worried. The MPCC called for a meeting recently to review the party’s conditions in the Thane District. Strengthening the party in Thane district and specifically in Navi Mumbai has become one of the top priorities as Thane district has assumed importance after delimitation of constituencies with 24 assembly and four parliamentary seats. The meeting convened by MPCC President Manikrao Thakre and attended by Transport Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil and senior party office bearers in charge of the district. MPCC Chief Manickrao Thakre spoke about the meeting with NMTV News. He says that the party has thought of making cells that will be monitored by them. During the meeting convened by Manicrao Thakre, lack of good leadership at the district level was also discussed. Manickrao Thakre says that the change in Navi Mumbai too will be done according to the worker’s demand. Party sources say that the Congress has made up its mind on bringing in fresh, clean faces in the party organization in Navi Mumbai. Perhaps the State Congress leaders have realized that it was a dubious decision to retain a defeated Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat as a co-op corporator in NMMC. There are also talks defeated former Opposition Leader of NMMC is reportedly staking claim for CIDCO Directorship. Unless, State Congress leaders do not understand the adverse impact of these decisions, the debacle of the Congress party in Navi Mumbai will continue. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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