priya-dutt-2When the Congress came to power, the common man had pinned a lot of hopes and aspirations with the party considering that the party’s slogan was “Congress Ka Saath Aam Aadmi Ke Saath”. However with time the common man feels cheated and believes that the Congress is working more for the rich man than the common man. NMTV News Managing Editor Senior Congress Leader Oscar Fernandes and MP Priya Dutt on this. When the Congress came to power, the common man had a lot of hopes with Sonia Gandhi led Congress but over the years stability and price rise appear to be the major issues confronting the common voter. The common man is not longer hiding its disappointment and with various experiments in the recent past few where the Congress has failed the aam admi. The biggest being that the Congress has failed to curb inflation. Since coming to power, the Congress has mostly taken care of only Big Business Houses and policies like SEZs are an example of these. In fact, even the union budget sparks have been marginalized due to fuel hike. During there last visit, NMTV Managing Editor Zeba Warsia spoke to Veteran Congress Leader Oscar Fernandes and MP Priya Dutt. Speaking in context of inflation Oscar Fernandes had this to say. While MP Priya Dutt emphasized that they are still a common man’s party and inflation was a global issue for which the government should not be blamed. India is an agriculture country but despite this there has been a 40% reduction of food grains. In such a situation will the SEZs that will gobble up cultivable land might fire back. But Oscar Fernandes defended the center’s SEZ policy. However MP Priya Dutt did confess that this was something to think about. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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