rationingThe Food Distribution Department of Thane held a Consumers meet in Vashi where the latter could register their complaints. Held under the guidance of MLC Manda Mhatre, the Consumer Welfare Advisor Committee’s President gave an ultimatum to take action against corrupt rationing offices and shop owners. The meet was a first of its kind where the food distribution related complaints of the consumers were heard and solution were sought. The meet held at Modern College in Vashi saw many consumers as well as ration shop owners presenting their complaints in front of the President of the Consumer Welfare Advisor Committee, Kamal Farooqi. Kamal Farooqi admitted that there was massive corruption in the distribution of ration like kerosene and pulses. He further stressed that bogus ration cards and the wrong distribution of ration of corrupt officers in nexus with public representatives must be stopped. He stated that there are a total of 89 rationing shops in Navi Mumbai in which 15000 metric ton of produce is brought. This produce is diverted to wrong channels by bogus ration card holders. BYTE 00.59.19 to 1h.00.18 He informed that to bring transparency in the system, they have decided to make all the rationing offices hi-tech which will also eliminate the issue of bogus voting from the system. BYTE 14.01 to 14.02 He assured that action would taken against the corrupt officers and those working in the same office for the last 5 years would be transferred. Navi Mumbai rationing Daskhta Committee’s head MLC Manda Mhatre too expressed distress on the high-handedness of rationing officers and the inconvenienced faced by the poor and needy. She also advised to change the rationing officers at the Vashi rationing office. BYTE 14.07 to 14.08 With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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