MERC-1If the meet of the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Committee is any indication then Maharashtra state would once again face a hike in the rate of electricity units. However, this decision has been highly opposed by the people who are already facing power crisis and irregular electricity supply. Targeting the corruption prevailing in MSEDC, agitated residents presented their opposition in front of the committee. While the common man is still reeling under the problem of rising inflation, another to add to his misery is the increase in electricity units. In the last three years, this would be the third time that the state would be seeing a hike in power units. To get to know the common man’s reaction on this decision of the government, Maharashtra Electricity regulatory Committee held a meet with the people at CIDCO Bhavan. Present during the meet were Maharashtra Electricity regulatory Committee’s President Pramod Dev, Committee member Subhash Kulkarni, Secretary Prabhakar Patil along with the chiefs of many organizations and the people. Around 130 people registered themselves for the meeting who alleged immense corruption in MSEDC and spoke on the irresponsible working manner of the department. Many stated that the hike was unfair to people who were already reeling under power shortage. Some even advised the state to learn something from the Gujarat government. After listening to the woes of the people, President Pramod Dev stated that they would be presenting their decision to the government. While the state and MSEDC are justifying their stance in the hike of power units, one cannot neglect the failure of the authorities to retain the production of electricity or reduce the percentage of electricity thefts in the last ten years. with cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.

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