tunga-1In another case of parking violations filed by Sandeep Thakur in the Mumbai High Court, the petitioner is considering moving contempt of court against NMMC in the case of Hotel Tunga and Big Splash. It may be recalled that Hotel Tunga at Vashi had obtained Occupancy Certificate on forged plans, something that has been officially admitted by V S MArathe – the Manager – Town Services of CIDCO in a letter to NMMC’s Town Planning Office. According to rules, Hotel Tunga was permitted 2 FSI instead of 1.5 FSI as per the new state directives on the condition that it would provide parking space for nearly 120 vehicles within the plot itself. However, later, the hotel was designed and built with parking space for not over 54 cars. When the time came to obtain the occupancy certificate, CIDCO allotted a plot adjacent to the hotel reserved for public parking to Hotel Tunga purely for maintenance, landscape and beatification. However, Hotel Tunga, in complete violation of the GDCR showed parking place for their hotel on this public parking plot and submitted to NMMC. When social activist Sandeep Thakur filed a case against this forgery in Mumbai High Court, the court ordered NMMC, CIDCO and the state to take appropriate action in the matter. It also gave six weeks time for this but its been much over six weeks and so far CIDCO, NMMC and the State Urban Development Dept. has done is written letters to one another. It is against this apathy of the government bodies and what looks like intentional reluctance to take action against the powerful and influential owners of Hotel Tunga that Sandeep Thakur is considering moving contempt of court against NMMC. Even in the parking violations case of Big Splash, Sandeep Thakur says that he most probably will move contempt of court against NMMC even on this matter. Sandeep Thakur will wait till June 15 before taking a final call on his decision to move contempt of court against NMMC for inaction on blatant parking violations that he had raised in his PIL. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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