road-repair-Craters and pits everywhere, but nowhere road to be seen”. This is the condition of the roads in Navi Mumbai where water and sewerage pipeline work is being carried out in the city. Residents fear of accidents taking place due to the dung up road came true when a truck got struck in a trench that was dug for the laying of pipelines work. The site of a road not dug up or patched up has been a distant dream for Navi Mumbaikars. NMMC is carrying out the work for laying of water and sewerage pipelines which has led to every road being dug up and then filled up again. However, there are some places where the shoddy work of the contractor can be seen and dug up roads and just filled with stones leading to pebbles and dust on the streets. People have to jump and cross streets and travel through rocky and uneven roads. Residents even expressed fear that the have finished work could lead to accidents. Residents fear seem to have come true as a heavy truck carrying loads of garlic got stuck in a trench dug at the Palm Beach Road. While no one was injured in the incident, the water pipeline burst leading to wastage of water. Residents expressed concern that atleast NMMC should put up the deadline date in which the contractor has to complete the work. And those contractors who don not complete their work within the deadline, then should be penalized. The negligence of NMMC was also evident as no engineer from NMMC was present to supervise the work. To seek more information, we headed towards the NMMC ward office in Vashi. While the ward officer Ashok Madhvi refused to speak on camera, he shockingly confessed that the local ward office had no information about the work being going on in their ward and that all the details were with the NMMC HQ. It maybe recalled that Ashok Madhvi’s ignorant working had even ired Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. With ward officers not even aware of the work being done in their ward and having no details of the contractors, looks like the road digging work is being carried out in a hapless manner, leading to wastage of public funds. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Divya Satyanarayan for NMTV News.

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